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Children's Sunday School

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Children's Sunday school is from 9:15 am to 10:15 am; for ages five and up.  We are creating our own curriculum and using the rotation workshop model.  That is, we focus on one Bible story or theme for about four weeks, and each week do a different activity based on that theme.  The kids are really learning the stories thanks to the reinforcement of different activities, and it's much easier for teachers to plan and manage.


VBS: We do it our way!

For the last three summers, Trinity has invented, hosted, staffed, and enjoyed its very own Vacation Bible School, something this church had not done for many years previously.  In 2007 our theme was All Creatures Great and Small, and we devoted each day to one category of creature, from plants to bugs to animal guests from Elmwood Park Zoo.  In 2008, our theme was Living Waters, and we enjoyed lots of wet activities while learning about the parting of the Red Sea, the miracle of turning water into wine (or grape juice, in this case), the stilling of the storm, and our own baptisms. This last summer, our theme was "the Light of the World," and we did experiments with electricity and solar power as we learned about God creating light, God's promise to Abraham (as many descendants as the stars in the sky), the promise God wrote in the rainbow, and Jesus' teaching us that we are the light of the world. Among the highlights was a visit from the Build-It-Bus, where we made our own kaleidoscopes!  Keep checking this page as next summer approaches so you don't miss this wonderful annual event.




Child at door